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Nowadays, no business or market can function without an efficient and robust IT department set in place. Typically used in the context of business operations, IT uses computer generated technology to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. In such a extensive space, getting lost is easy.

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Microsoft deepens Teams ties with Dynamics 365

05 Mar 2021  / 

Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled deeper ties between Teams and Dynamics 365, as the company shifts words an easier sales and customer service experience, facilitating communication without having to switch between applications.

Microsoft accuses China over email cyber-attacks

03 Mar 2021  / 

Microsoft has accused a Chinese cyber-espionage group for attacks on its mail server software.

Microsoft to cut perpetual Office support by 50%, raise price by 10%

01 Mar 2021  / 

Microsoft has announced plans to upgrade Office for businesses during the second half of the year, as the company moves towards providing more subscription-like purchase options for its clients.

GCHQ says AI can help UK combat disinformation attacks

26 Feb 2021  / 

GCHQ has said it believes it can use artificial intelligence (AI) to help expose disinformation attacks by hostile foreign states trying to undermine the UK’s democracy.

MWC Shanghai: Gadget companies gather for rare pandemic tech expo

24 Feb 2021  / 

China is hosting one of first tech expos since the coronavirus pandemic, Mobile World Congress Shanghai, with an expected attendance rate of about 20,000 people.