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A portmanteau of “finance” and “technology”, the Fintech space refers to any business or start-up that merges technology and financial services. It is a rapidly growing industry that is becoming increasingly competitive, which is why it is paramount to ensure the right connections are made in the sector.

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SEC chief Gary Gensler says cryptocurrency platforms are too big to survive without regulation

01 Sep 2021  / 

Securities and Exchange Commission boss Gary Gensler has said cryptocurrency platforms have become so large that they need to embrace regulation or risk losing public trust, as he hones in on the booming crypto trading sector.

PayPal launches its cryptocurrency service in the UK

25 Aug 2021  / 

 PayPal is launching its cryptocurrency service in the U.K. Read more.

White House backs senators pushing for stricter crypto reporting rules

06 Aug 2021  / 

The White House weighed in – somewhat out of the blue – on a contentious battle over competing crypto amendments to the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. Read more.

Singapore to grant first crypto licence in bid to lure digital asset groups

05 Aug 2021  / 

 Singapore is set to grant formal regulatory approval to a cryptocurrency exchange for the first time as the Asian city-state steps up its challenge to rival Hong Kong as a digital finance hub. Read more.

Revolut, Europe’s $33 billion fintech giant, launches a travel booking feature

04 Aug 2021  / 

European fintech giant Revolut is jumping into the travel industry via a newly launched booking feature. Read more.