Google Play is lifting its ban on gambling and betting apps in some countries

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The Google Play Store has strict policies against hosting gambling and betting apps in most countries. The platform currently only hosts such apps in Brazil, Ireland, France, and the UK. However, starting from March this year, Google is introducing a policy change that will allow gambling and betting apps in more countries.

According to a recent report from 9to5Google, Google recently announced an update for its Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy to allow gambling and betting apps in 15 more countries. These include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. As mentioned earlier, the updated policy will go into effect on March 1, 2021.

Once the policy goes into effect, developers will be able to publish apps offering online casino games, lotteries, sports betting, and daily fantasy sports in the aforementioned countries. But the eligibility criteria will vary depending on the region. To submit their apps to the Google Play Store, developers will first have to complete a unique application process. They’ll also have to ensure that their apps meet the eligibility requirements mentioned here. Furthermore, developers will only be allowed to publish specific kinds of betting and gambling apps in each location.

The updated Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy will prove to be beneficial for both developers and users. It will give developers a platform to reach more users, and it will provide some reassurance to users who previously had to download such apps from illegitimate sources. If you’re a developer who wishes to publish a betting or gambling app in the aforementioned regions, you can start your application process by following this link. Before you do that though, make sure you go through the eligibility requirements to ensure that your app abides by all necessary rules and regulations.


Source: XDA