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You’ve grown.
Your market has changed
You’ve merged with another company.

Nothing works the same anymore. It’s all held together with sticky tape and will power. And, you know that at some point the final straw will be added: Something will break, your people will burn out and your stakeholders or customers will be unhappy.

You need to change how things are done, but you don’t have the time, you’re not sure where to begin and you’re so busy fighting alligators you can’t begin to drain the swamp.

This is where an external consultant with experience and a fresh perspective can make a difference. Someone who can bring their expertise and has the time to focus on draining the swamp.

We can analyse how things are working and create a plan to make any necessary improvements.

Changing how your organisation does its key tasks can dramatically improve your efficiency. See how The Better Process Company can help. We specialise in process improvement and change management for regulated sectors.

Recent projects for companies in Europe and Africa have included:
Created incident management process for recently merged Africa focused online business.
Established governance and reporting processes that reduced compliance risk.
Drove change and increased value of existing tools by finding alternate uses.
Aligning release management workflows leading to greater control and visibility of progress.
Post-merger process restructuring to enable information flow between entities.
Marketing asset delivery that increased efficiency and visibility of both workload and progress.