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Let’s start with GalaxyStarters, it offers a full suite of tools for player management including CMS, CRM, Gamification Bonus Engine, Player communication management tool, KYC and compliance tools to make your product unique on market. Our ShuttleStarters is a complete platform solution through the use of the Hub, Galaxy and Wire modules. This solution has been built to be more flexible and adaptable to your business needs and to be able to manage both retail and online operations. Players, shops, agents, everything can be managed through it! The HubStarters: is simply an aggregator content solution for B2C and B2B customers. Only one API integration to connect to Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Lottery, Poker, Lotto, Virtual and more. Fast and complete.

FeedStarters is easy to be described as ”The Fastest Sports Odds Betting data API service”. Our sports data engineers used top-of-the-line technology and the wisdom of the crowd to create a unique algorithm that is automatically sourced by real-time data to bring the most effective results. And, to finish, something we are particularly proud about: BetStarters offers an exclusive technical solution to those operators which intend to enter into a certain Regulated Market. We have done that for the Italian market but also in Montenegro and Malawi. In Italy, for example, part of the ADM directives, each operator must connect to SOGEI (ADM) by using a portfolio of protocols specifically created to communicate with the authority and be compliant with the italian gaming framework. We support all the activities related to opening a business into a regulated market thanks to our Wire Starters.