5 Forex Currency Pair Nicknames Explained

09 Apr 2021  /   / 

Explore popular currency pair nicknames that Forex traders love to use, including Cable, Fiber, Chunnel, and more.

Fintech 3.0 – Power to the SME

02 Apr 2021  / 

Looking to the near future of fintech’s development, many have predicted that with such growth will come a shift of focus from B2C to B2B in what is being coined as ‘fintech 3.0’.

4 Cryptos To Watch in 2021

24 Mar 2021  /   / 

Ever since Bitcoin exploded onto the crypto scene, it has come to dominate the digital currency conversation. However, it is far from the only or even the best cryptocurrency out… Read more »

Cash, card or crypto? Will bitcoin be your new payment option of choice?

19 Mar 2021  / 

Since its launch twelve years ago, bitcoin has grown to be the world’s largest cryptocurrency, registering an all-time value high of $61,000 last Sunday (March 14 2021).

5 Companies Investing Big in Bitcoin

10 Mar 2021  /   / 

Bitcoin is continuing to find favour with leading tech giants, as companies like Tesla, Square Inc, and MicroStrategy invest heavily in the cryptocurrency.