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Nowadays, no business or market can function without an efficient and robust IT department set in place. Typically used in the context of business operations, IT uses computer generated technology to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. In such a extensive space, getting lost is easy.

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As Google moves to reshape Workspace, barriers to business adoption remain

21 Oct 2021  / 

Google has been boasting since at least June that Workspace, its productivity and collaboration platform, has 3 billion users, highlighting the huge scale of its largely consumer customer base. Read more.

Google pulls plug on plan for mobile banking in Pay app

Google has hit the brakes on a project to add mobile banking to its Pay app, even as the online financial services market for everyday investors heats up. Read more.

United States & European Union are going to team up to take down big tech

24 Sep 2021  / 

Plans are underway to coordinate efforts between the European Union and the United States to take on big tech regulation, which could accelerate not just the law institution, but enforcement as well.

Vodafone to bring back roaming charges from January

09 Aug 2021  / 

Vodafone has become the second UK mobile company to reintroduce roaming charges for users travelling in Europe. Read more.

Facebook: Damian Collins and US politicians criticise data ban

06 Aug 2021  / 

Facebook’s decision to block access to some academics researching political ads and disinformation has been criticised by UK and US politicians. Read more.