About Us

Trifecta Directory is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to all the key businesses shaping the future of iGaming, FinTech and IT.

From our Malta headquarters and satellite offices across Europe, the Trifecta team has forged a strong alliance with 100s of leading partners operating within this three-pillared sector — an alliance that exists for the ultimate benefit of our clients.


We’re passionate about championing, supporting and connecting the industry’s finest. From the old guard to the vanguard, the game changers to the established players, Trifecta’s mutually beneficial network is designed to unite the industry at large and drive a brave new world of business forward.

Our directory targets an extensive range of products and services, including casinos, marketing agencies, office operations, finance and payment providers, IT solutions, legal firms, and more.

Why join Trifecta Directory?

The advantages of joining Trifecta Directory are endless. Not only does our directory help you navigate the landscape to easily reach the right contacts, a listing with us guarantees more exposure of your services across Europe, CIS, Asia, and Africa. Our sales and events teams operate on the frontline of digital innovation, developing new and imaginative ways to attract better traffic to the directory. You also benefit from access to bespoke online tools that track your listing’s click rate and performance.

With all these support elements in place, Trifecta provides your business with an impeccable B2B platform across the rapidly evolving industries of online gaming and financial technologies.